Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A weekend as a tourist...

Exploring the tidal pools of the Oregon coast is a great way to spend an afternoon. Here is a colorful photo of sea stars and sea anemones we spotted on a recent visit to "Hug Point" located just south of Cannon Beach. When the tide is low these creatures are exposed and vulnerable to clumsy humans that step on them or pull them from their homes.  In fact, one must tiptoe through these areas because everything is can actually hear the barnacles making soft clacking noises, almost like a bowl if Rice Krispies.

Last weekend I had a good friend come to visit and we hiked the 6 mile "Fort to Sea Trail" which begins at Fort Clatsop and traces the route that Lewis and Clark traveled to the Pacific. Along the way we spotted a bald eagle fly overhead carrying nesting material and land in this tree. 

Heather and I along the Fort to Sea Trail....

A random shot of Zach, Ada, and I at Ecola State Park. Ada had a blast running up and down the trail saying hello to random strangers. She has a very extroverted personality. 

And you can't consider yourself an Oregonian unless you've had your photo taken at Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach. The Haystack is the 3rd largest monolith in the country and is home to all kinds of birds, including puffins, and has some splendid tidal pools, too. (Thanks for the photo, Heather!)


Alicia said...

What a great weekend! I am so jealous that you are surrounded by such beauty. This really sounds like it was the right move for you guys. Looking forward to seeing you next week! Send my love to Zach and Ada!

Mercer's Daughter said...

Hello my beloved relatives!
Nice pics....most beautiful is the smiles.
It does my heart good.
Tell Ada her great Aunt Victoria loves her, her mommy and her papa.
Take care of each other,
A. Vic