Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Turtle tracks? Think again!

On beaches around the world it's not uncommon to see tracks of sea turtles as they crawl onto shore to lay eggs. The tracks photographed above are from a loggerhead turtle as she made her way back to the ocean at Cape Hatteras. Species of sea turtles can actually be identified by the tracks that they leave.

So, a visitor to the Oregon coast this afternoon may have been stumped when they came across these bizzare tracks in the sand. Sea turtle? Energetic star fish? Hmmm....

It's a motoring baby with a snickerdoodle butt! A gorgeous sunny day today here on the Oregon shore allowed Ada and I to spend the afternoon on the beach looking for sand dollars, watching the wind surfers brave the frigid water temps (are they crazy?), and of course....practicing our false turtle tracks!

And here she continues....all the way up the dune where no timid turtle would dare to go. Does the girl have no fear?

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Paul & Heather Miller said...

I absolutely LOVE that you can see the little swirls her arms and legs make. Much cuter than any turtle would make! It's good to see you out and about.
I'll be blogging about our superhero soon - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CAPE!!!