Thursday, March 26, 2009

Should I walk or should I crawl? Important thoughts of Ada Evaine Bolitho.

One of these days Ada will be walking on her own, but for now we still help her out, as Zach does in the video below. It's funny because she hasn't been wanting to practice walking lately and we think it's because she's so talanted at crawling.


Anonymous said...

Clare enjoys crawling much more too. She now does this crawl that's much more like a chimp. In fact, it was the ONLY way that Brian ever crawled. She is pretty fast :)

Anonymous said...

Nice video. Our little Liam has mastered sleeping like a lump on his back. We have a way to go before we catch up. Thanks for the Email. Jess and I will send you some pic's soon.
With love and best wishes Jess and Dan.