Saturday, March 7, 2009

Along the way....our cross country journey!

Traveling nearly 3,000 miles with a baby, a dog, and two cats was a monumental effort! Fortunately for me, Zach volunteered to drive with all the animals while Ada and I traveled by plane (with a scenic side trip to the Grand Canyon). Here are some pics of the journey westward...

Our third trip to the Grand Canyon, but it was Ada's first and Simon's (cat) second. Yes, he spent 5 weeks with us there once before. 

George's bad habit of leash pulling finally came in handy in getting that tricycle up the snowy paths of the Grand Canyon.

Zach and Ada showing off for the camera again :-)

This was how the Subaru was packed for Zach's journey with the animals. (thanks for the chew toy, Paul and Heather).

And no album is complete without a photo of George in Texas.

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Paul & Heather Miller said...

So glad to see the Texas star on your blog, and George's chew toy. :) Hope you're settling in well. Love you guys!